Sunday, September 19, 2010

Googling myself

I have tried Googling myself, and I am not impressed by the results. I tried both Chris and Christine for my first name, and I came up with random people who are not me. I even tried adding Reisterstown and Maryland to my name, and that didn't help. There are too many of us, and I am certainly not the most interesing or the one with the largest digital footprint. As a last attempt, I tried Googling my full name including my maiden name and that had better results. I got my Facebook page, as well as my High School reunion page. At least I am out there, although you would have to know me pretty well to find me. It will be interesting if I have more of a presence on the web after this year with PLP.


  1. As a follow up to this blog, I now have a Google Profile page, which shows up when I Google myself. I am at the bottom of the search results, but I am there nonetheless.

  2. It is now March 2011, 7 months after my original posting on this topic. Now when I Google myself, I am the 4th item in the search. It am amazed by this change in results! I wonder how long it will take me to reach #1 in a search for "Chris Shriver?" Something to shoot for anyway!