Friday, November 19, 2010

Wordle is Wow!

I have been playing with Wordle and Tagxedo. What a great activity! I had so much fun. I can imagine that students will love this. Wordle is very easy to use. You simple copy and paste your text, and then you can play with the font, color, and layout. Tagxedo allows the user to create a custom shaped Wordle design. It is not as user friendly as Wordle, but with a little bit of playing, I was able to create a baseball-shaped Tagxedo using my son's report on his team's run in the playoffs a couple of years ago. The best part was that I had a great time creating my designs.

Here are the links to my Wordles:

Wordle: tags Wordle: Roger Sherman
my delicious tags and my daughter's report on Roger Sherman


  1. I used to have my students use Wordl to find repetition or overuse of "dull" words in their essays. It was an eye-opening experience!!

  2. This is a great idea, Susan. I can imagine that using it to illustrate the overuse of some words would be really dramatic. I want try this with my older students. We experimented with Wordle just for fun a few weeks ago. They loved it.